News Releases

23rd April 2024 Premier Partner for the ninth consecutive year

Beds24 has been named the 2024 Connectivity Premier Partner of This prestigious recognition underscores our steadfast position as one of's leading connectivity providers, combining cutting-edge software with a comprehensive range of products and services.

2nd April 2024

Beds24 Mobile App Version 3

The updated IOS and Android app with improved functionality is available for download in the app stores.

26th March 2024

Messaging Integration with Expedias

As an Expedia Elite partner Beds24 was granted early access to Expedias new messaging API. You can now conveniently communicate with guests who booked via Expedia from the booking in Beds24. Messages from guests will also show under MESSAGES.

28th February 2024

Beds24 is Airbnb Preferrd+ Partner

Airbnb’s 2024 list of preferred partners is out and BEDS24 was named a Preferred+ partner. We’re honored to be one of the select few to receive this status as a nod to the quality of service we provide.

19th February 2024

Beds24 confirmed as an Expedia Elite Partner and a Vrbo Preferred Partner

Beds24 was again awarded the status of an 'Expedia Elite Partner' and 'Preferred Connectivity Partner' of the Vrbo Group for 2024.

Expedia Group recognizes and rewards only select few connectivity partners who achieved excellent results on various technical and performance metrics, as 'Elite Partners' . In 2024, only the top 2% of Expedia Group's connectivity partners are Elite.

30th December 2023

Upgrade to the Beds24 control panel

The Beds24 control panel gets a faclift. Rollout of design changes, workflow optimization and new convenience navigations has started.

29th December 2023

Report guest misconduct to

Reporting guest misconduct has been added to the reporting options for bookings.

15th November 2023

Messaging Integration with Vrbo

All Beds24 customers can now access messages and communicate with guests who booked via Vrbo or one of their brands from the booking in Beds24.

7th November 2023

Beds24 mobile app V2

V2 of the Beds24 app with new features and functions is now available for IOS and Android.

19th October 2023

Send registraton information for Expedia from Beds24

Sending regististration information directly from Beds24 to Expedia is a new convenience function which will save time.

28th August 2023

Key collection for

Vacation rental hosts can now add information on how guests can access the property in directly from Beds24.

6th July 2023

Interface with TTLocks

You can connect your TTLocks for for a seamless workflow.

26th May 2023

Reviews integration with Airbnb, Expedia and Vrbo
 - manage your reviews directly in Beds24

Reviews play a crucial role in choosing a place to stay. Being able to manage reviews directly from the booking in Beds24 will save time and help being on top:

  • Read and manage reviews from guests in real time.
  • Answer to them directly from Beds24.
  • Write public and private reviews for guests directly from the booking in Beds24.
  • View overall review score.
  • Read and manage reviews in real time.
  • Answer to them directly from Beds24.
  • Read and manage reviews in real time.
  • Answer to them directly from Beds24.

5th January 2023

Beds24 mobile app

The new Beds24 app is the mobile addition for your Beds24 account which will allow you to manage bookings while you are out and about.

9th August 2022

Homes and Villas by Marriott International

We are pleased to announce we are connected with Homes & Villas by Marriott International.
Each hand-picked home is professionally managed by a vetted property management company to meet Marriott’s exacting standards in design, comfort, and safety.
As an official Connectivity Provider, we can connect you to this exciting new platform!

28th May 2022

Expedia property status directly from Beds24

You do not need to log in to Expedia to check the status of your accommodation. This option is now availabele directly in Beds24.

28th February 2022

Airbnb confirmed Beds24 as preferred partner

We are proud that Airbnb confirmed Beds24 as one of their top performing partners.

18th November 2021

Integration with SUPERHOG Guestscreening

SUPERHOG is the digital trust platform that enables hosts, operators and guests to confidently transact in the short-term rentals space.

24th August 2021

New Calendar

The new calendar is certainly the most powerful on the market. It features drag and drop functionality for bookings, even more customization options, better mobile functionality, improved multiple accommodation functionality and the ability to create and save multiple views for different tasks.

16th August 2021

Google Calendar API integrated

Beds24 now integrates with Googles calendar API which allows an instant two-way sync with Google Calendars and updates faster than an iCal connection.

12th August 2021

Zettle interface for GoBD- and KassenSichV-compliant payments

With Zettle, we can now offer an interface to a POS system for restaurants, bars, cafés and similar establishments that is GoBD-compliant and KassenSichV-compliant. Via the interface, customers can send invoice items to Zettle which the guest can then pay on site in cash or by credit card.

23rd June 2021

Google for Vacation Rentals partners with Beds24

Beds24 is now one of the few hand-picked channel managers that can advertise holiday rentals on Google for Vacation Rentals. Displaying your holiday accommodation on Google is a fantastic way to generate commission-free direct bookings.

16th June 2021

Pronto Housekeeping and Maintenance

Our partner Godo Pronto simplifies housekeeping, maintenance, and task management. The Basic subscription plan for Pronto is free!

3rd June 2021

Intergration with Feratel Meldeclient

f your municipality uses the Feratel Meldeclient, you can now send the reports directly from Beds24.

12th May 2021

Elite Connectivity Partner Status with Expedia Group

We are proud to provide our customers with high-quality connections which have earned us Expedia Elite Connectivity Partner status, Airbnb Preferred Partner status, Vrbo Preferred Partner status and Premier Partner status for the sixth time in a row.

23rd March 2021

Manage Expedia rooms and rate plans from Beds24

You can now add or change room types and rate plans for Expedia directly in Beds24. This convenience function will make it easier for you to update your settings and keep them aligned in both Expedia nd Beds24.

15th March 2021

Communication guests: Early access for Beds24 customers has given us early access to their new messaging API. You can now communicate with guests from directly from the booking in Beds24.

You can see an overview of all messages under NEWS and on the DASHBOARD.

05th March 2021

Free booking links on Google

As an official Google Ads Partner, Beds24 can send your direct rates and inventory to Google's hotel search. You will receive a direct link to Google with the best rate coverage and real-time pricing, as well as display your hotels' direct rates and availability in Google Search and Maps.

15th February 2021

Create and manage Expedia Promotions

Beds24 was one of the first channel managers to be certified for Expedia's new Promotions API. You can now easily create and manage Expedia promotions directly in Beds24.

05th February 2021

Poster POS Integration

We can now offer direct integration with the Poster restaurant system. Poster is a fast, stable and functional cross-platform solution that takes orders, monitors sales and manages the entire restaurant or bar.

08th January 2021

Rezintel Website Builder

With our new partner RezIntel you can easily create a website directly from the content in Beds24.

25th September 2020

Rev+ Powered by Expedia Group

We are proud to announce that Beds24 and Expedia Group have partnered to provide real-time pricing data and market insights. Beds24 is among the first channel managers providing this data which can help to make smarter decisions and optimizing revenue.

24th July 2020

Fully automated contactless access with Nuki and Beds24

We are excited to announce that we partnered with Nuki. The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes, allowing guests 24/7 self check-in via the Nuki app or by entering a 6-digit code. Beds24 will automatically send the key code or app access to guests.

30th June 2020

Google Map for the Multi Booking Page

You can now display add a map to the multi booking page which shows markers for all your properties.

7th May 2020

Facelift for the Control Panel

The Control Panel now has a more modern look and improved navigation.

7th May 2020

Facelift for the Control Panel

The Control Panel now has a more modern look and improved navigation.

27th April 2020

Google Hotel Ads commission on completed stays and bids from 4%

Google Hotel Ads has reduced its minimum bid. If there are not too many OTAs bidding against you, you can already generate bookings with a bid above 4%.

You can now also set the commission to be payable only when the booking is completed.

5th March 2020

Occupancy Pricing for

Beds24 can now send prices for different occupancies on a rate code to Rate codes can be conveniently created directly in Beds24 if required.

25th January 2020

Listing import from Airbnb

Quick onboarding - listings can be imported with one click to create properties or units on Beds24.

21st January 2020

Send reports automatically via Email

Reports are automatically sent to defined recipients via the new 'Routines' feature.

27th December 2019

Communication with Airbnb guests directly via Beds24.

You can now communicate with Airbnb guests directly from the booking in Beds24.

You can see an overview of all messages from Airbnb guests under MESSAGES and on the DASHBOARD.

10th October 2019

Interface with eDreams Odigeo / Opodo

The interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to eDreams Odigeo and import bookings into Beds24.

1st October 2019

Integration with RoomPriceGenie

This seamless integration allows Beds24 customers to push dynamic prices from RoomPriceGenie to their own web site and to their booking channels.

12th September 2019

SCA compliant payment collection with Beds24

Our connection with Stripe Payment Gateway and our payment requests allow PSD2 compliant payment collection.

30th July 2019

Custom Graphs and Charts

Additionally to custom reports Beds24 now allows to create custom graphs and charts.

19th July 2019

Create properties on and accounts on from Beds24

Our new integration with Booking.coms content API allows to onboard new properties on directly from Beds24 without having to enter your data in and to create new accounts directly from Beds24.

30th May 2019

VactionStay by Rakuten added to the channel manager

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to VacationStay and import bookings into Beds24.

7th May 2019

Hostelsclub added to the channel manager

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to Hostelsclub and import bookings into Beds24.

23rd April 2019

Send WhatsApp messages to Guests

A click on the WhatsApp icon in the booking sends a WhatsApp message to guests.

22nd February 2019

Manage promotions directly in Beds24

Promotions on can now be created and managed directly in Beds24.

24th January 2019

Mailchimp integration

Connect Mailchimp to keep your mailing list updated.

2nd January 2019

Prices for different occupancies and different length of stay via Airbnb XML

You can now send prices for different occupancies and different length of stay to Airbnb.

19th December 2018

Integrate with myriads of apps and services via Integromat

Thanks to our new integration with Integromat, the most advanced online automation platform, you have now have unlimited access to myriads of apps and services.

The seamless integration allows you to connect your favourite tools with a few clicks to Beds24. Available connections include popular accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks, Twilio, Google services, CRM systems like Salesforce, Zoho as well as Slack and Zapier.

14th December 2018

Connections with Guest Experience Tools

Our partners Wishbox and YourWelcome who provide exciting tools which will improve your guests experience integrate smoothly with Beds24.

3rd December 2018

New Booking Page Check-out Screen

We have modernized the look of the check out screen and added new features including pictures for extras and better mobile functionality.

14th September 2018

XML interface with Despegar / Decolar

Leading South American OTAs Decolar and Despegar have been added to our channel manager

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to Despegar / Decolar and import bookings into Beds24.

27th August 2018

Import listings from Airbnb

If you have a listing on Airbnb you can import it and create a new property with a new room or add a room in a property you already have in Beds24.

13th July 2018

Attach invoices or booking templates to Emails

You can now choose to attach an invoice or a booking template as pdf in Auto Actions.

5th June 2018

Advertise your rooms directly on Google Hotel Ads with Beds24

Potential guests who see your ad on Google will be able to book directly with you.

You only pay a commission when a guest actually books with you.

15th May 2018

Airbnb for Hotels

Airbnb have recently officially opened their portal to hotels, B&Bs and they now support room types with a quantity greater than one.

All eligible hotels and B&Bs can use Beds24' certified channel manager to update their rooms in real time to Airbnb.

09th March 2018

Certified 2- way XML interface HRS

We are pleased that HRS has chosen Beds24 as connectivity partner. The interface allows to send real-time rates and availability to HRS and have bookings automatically delivered to Beds24.

11th December 2017

New Payment Gateway: Asiapay

In addition to Paypal, Stripe, Realex, Paymill, AuthorizeNet and Bitpay now also Asiapay can be integrated as payment provider.

11th November 2017

XML interface with Traveloka

Beds24 now integrates with the Asian OTA Taveloka. The new 2-way interface allows hotels to automatically update their prices and inventory to Traveloka and import bookings into Beds24 PMS and channel manager in real time.

August 8th

Ctrip certifies 2- way XML integration with Beds24

We are pleased to announce that Chinas leading OTA Ctrip partnered with Beds24 to offer XML connectivity. The new 2-way interface allows hotels to automatically update their prices and inventory to Ctrip and import bookings into Beds24 PMS and channel manager in real time.

June 2nd 2017

Widget designer creates fully customisable booking widgets

The widget designer allows to customise look, content and every other aspect of our online booking widgets. All widgets are available in over 30 languages and can be seamlessly integrated into any web site including Wordpress, Squarespace, Joomla via a code snippet we provide.

See a few of almost unlimited options.

April 24th 2017

XML Interface with HomeAway Group

Property managers with five or more listings on Homeaway can use Beds24's XML connection with HomwAway to automatically update their listings, prices and availability directly from their Beds24 account.

As an alternative to the XML interface we still offer the iCal based connection which can synchronise availability and bookings.

April 1st 2017

Two-Way Interface with Ostrovok

Beds24 connects to Russia’s leading and fastest growing online hotel booking channel. The interface allows you to send real-time rates and availability to Ostrovok and have bookings automatically delivered to Beds24.

February 27th

Beds24 partners with Lockstate

The newly added integration with Lockstate electronic locks connects bookings to locks. This allows our users to automatically send access codes to guests before they check in.

February 13th 2017

Full Two-Way XML interface with Airbnb

We proudly announce that Airbnb has chosen Beds24 as an interface partner.

The XML interface can:

  • Create listings
  • Send content and update content
  • Send pictures
  • Automatically send availability to Airbnb
  • Send prices from Beds24 to Airbnb
  • Import bookings

January 5th 2017

Connection with BookingSuite Rate Manager by

Beds24 and BookingSuite worked together to develop a two-way interface between Beds24 and BookingSuite’s revenue management solution RateManager.

Any pricing changes made within RateManager are instantly pushed to Beds24.

October 13th 2016

New dashboard available

Fully customisable - choose which content to display, where to display it, move and re-size of each component.

  • Components include booking reports with customisable columns, graphs, statistics, custom reports, notes and potential issues.
  • The quick check-in and check-out function allows guest check-in and check-out directly from the dashboard.
  • A housekeeping component makes housekeeping and room management easy.
  • Up to four different dashboards per account.

October 10th 2016

Kashflow accounting software integrated

The interface with allows customers to send invoice information from bookings to directly to Kashflow accounting software.

September 26th 2016

Integration between Pricelabs and Beds24

We are excited to announce integration with Pricelabs. This seamless integration allows Beds24 customers to push PriceLabs data-driven pricing to their own web site and to their booking channels.

PriceLabs algorithm uses data from multiple sources such as occupancy, weather, tourist demand, special events, and historical booking trends to calculate nightly rates that can improve occupancy and and revenue.

August 22nd 2016

Beds24 integrates with trivago Direct Connect

The interface allows hotels to advertise their rates and run cost-per-click (CPC) marketing campaigns on trivago. trivagos easy to use solution provides automatic CPC optimization and budget control.

May 10th 2016

Update: All positions are filled.

We are hiring!

Currently we are looking for Customer Support Agents. We offer flexible part time positions working from your home office.

Click here for more information.

If you are interested send your application to

January 4th 2016

Beds24 has been appointed Preferred IT Provider status with

We are very proud of this recognition of the quality of our services. Amongst the criteria measure are performance, reliability and quality of the interface as well as agility, flexibility and the ability to adapt to innovations.

Dec 21st 2015

Responsive Booking Page

We have created a new responsive booking page which is more mobile friendly. The use of modules allows you to control the screen position and hide specific items from the mobile view to keep it clean and uncluttered.

Dec 1st 2015

Hotelbeds added to the Channel Manager

An XML connection with Hotelbeds is now available for all users.

November 17th 2015

TripConnect Instant Booking now available

Beds24 is now certified as a TripConnect™ Premium Partner. All Beds24 users who are eligible can now accept direct booking from TripAdvisor using using TripConnect™ Instant Booking.

June 15th 2015

New Channel Management Connections with Homeaway, 9flats and Housetrip

Specially constructed connections can now keep Homeaway, Housetrip and 9flats calendars synchronised.

June 1st 2015

New Group Booking Functions

Bookings can now be easily grouped together to create a combined invoice.

Jan 28th 2015

Interface with Feratel

The new XML interface with Feratel can send and inventory and rates and import bookings.

Dec 18th 2014

Atraveo added to the Channel Manager

We are happy to announce Atraveo as the the latest addition to the channel manager.

Dec10th 2014

Guest Database

The newly added Guest Database lets you to not only view a guests previous and upcoming bookings but also store additional information, preferences and add bookings using the guests data.

Nov 18th 2014

Tripadvisor Review Express now available

Automatically upload your booking contacts to Tripadvisor and Tripadvisor will contact your guest asking for a review of their stay a few days after check-out. You can cancel a review request being sent to any guest up to and including check-out day

Oct. 31st 2014

Booking Page now in 18 languages

With Norwegian, Danish and Slovenian added the booking page is now available in 18 languages

June 18th 2014

Bitcoin Payments for Hotel Bookings

Beds24 gives innovative hosts the option to collect Bitcoin payments.

June 4th 2014

Stripe added Payment Processing Options

With Stripe we are offering another option to collect deposit payments. Stripe allows you to collect outstanding amounts. Once a payment is successfully collected further charges can be made to the customer's card via Stripe.

January 10th 2014

Guest Registration Form

Fully customisable printable guest registration form is now available.

February 10th 2014

Wordpress Plugin for Multiple Properties and Agencies

The just releases version of the Beds24 plugin which makes it easy to add online bookings to multiple property or agency sites.

January 2014

Budgetplaces and Tablet Hotels have been added to the Channel Manager

Beds24´s two way connectivity will keep your rates and inventory synchronised.

September 26th 2013

Beds24 Can Import Booking from iCal

The new iCal import allows hosts to import bookings or block dates in Beds24 online booking system using an external iCal or google calendar.

August 30th 2013

Beds24 announced as a TripConnect PREMIUM launch partner

Beds 24 has been announced as TripConnect Premium partner for TripAdvisor’s new platform. TripConnect will be a powerful new way for hotels and B&Bs to generate incremental bookings by participating in Hotel Price Comparison and self-managing their online advertising campaigns using TripConnect’s unique bid management platform. As certified booking engine Beds24 will provide the accommodation’s real time availability and online booking capability to make this possible.

Juli 2nd 2013

New Payment Processing Options

Beds24 now integrates with leading payment gateways. Authorize.Net and Paymill can be used to collect credit card payments from guests. Alteratively hosts can securely collect credit card details and charge outside the system or use PayPal.

June 30th 2013

Wordpress Plugin 1.1

The plugin for commission free online bookings from Wordpress websites has been updated. New settings allow easy customisation to fit booking widgets or availability calenders seamlessly into any website or blog.

May 15th 2013

Beds24 Channel Manager synchronises with Travelocity, and Zuji

Travelocity, one of the worlds leading online travel sites has certified as channel partner. Beds24´s channel manager now offers a two way connectivity to Travelocity, and Zuji.

March 30th 2013

New Booking Page

The completely new designed booking page offers new features including

  • option to book multiple rooms
  • offer rooms at different prices
  • fully customisable booking confirmations
  • improved multi language options

Feb 25th 2013

Relaunch Control Panel

The control panel has been completely redisigned. The responsive design makes it easier to manage bookings and inventory from tablets and mobile devices.

Dec 14th 2012

Google Calendar Sync

See your booking calendar on your Google calendar. Works on your PC, mobile, tablet and in any ical format calendar program.

Oct 25th 2012

WordPress Plugin

We have created a plugin for WordPress sites to show your booking page and booking widgets directly in your WordPress pages. The plugin allows you to embed the complete secure booking form or add small widgets to your pages. You can see an example in our blog.

Oct 2nd 2012

We are blogging

Our new blog at has lots of useful information about online marketing and web design for your lodging. Come by and take a look.

Sept 2nd 2012

Wimdu added to the chanel management

Update your Wimdu calendar automatically from your Beds24 availability calendar.

Apr 12th 2012

Guestlink added to the channel management

The Beds24 channel management synchroniser is integrated into +Connect. Inventory and pricing is exported to Guestlink and Bookings are imported.

Mar 19th 2012

Flipkey connected

The Beds24 channel management synchroniser can now keep your Flipkey calendar up to date.

Feb 29th 2012

Synchronise with Agoda channel management

We are pleased to anounce that we can now synchronise inventory between and Agoda is one of the leading booking engines in Asia.

Jan 11th 2012

Association Booking Page

Our new association booking page shows multiple properties and allows the guest to search and sort them. You can define the search criterea for each property which would normally be location or facility items. The search criterea are shown as a selectable list which will bring the properties with those criterea to the top. The search page can be seamlessly added into your website as an embedded booking widget.

Nov 16th 2011

Facebook App

Install our Facebook App on your lodging fan page and receive on-line bookings directly via Facebook. The App will add a Book Now menu and show a version of your availability calendar specially formatted for facebook.

Oct 31st 2011

Polish Language Added

A Polish translation has now been added to the booking page, Available languages now include English, French, Spanish, German and Polish. Your guests can select any of the languages you enable. We will always consider adding new languages on request, please contact us if interested.

Oct 28th 2011

Server Upgrade

We have moved to new more powerful web server today. The new server has a new ip address For the next few hours while the dns propagates we are redirecting traffic from the old server to the new server with a redirect to ''. Our SSl secure certificate will complain that the certificate is only valid for Please accept the certificate as valid and you can use as normal. Once your DNS updates to our new ip address this warning will disappear. This can take some hours. If you have any concerns please contact us.

July 20th 2011

Customise your META tags

You can add your own text to the META DESCRIPTION tag that appears on your booking page. Use this text to help improve your search engine results.

July 19th 2011

More Flexible Discount Options

Discounts can be applied as a percentage or a daily or a fixed value per booking. Multiple discounts can be combined depending on the length of stay to create sophisticated discount structures.

May 4th 2011

Multiple Languages Added

We have added French, German, Italian and Spanish translations to the booking page. You control which languages are available and which are not.

Apr 21st 2011

Advanced logging

All booking activity is logged and the logs are available for your review. Logged information includes the IP address of the computer and country the booking was made from.

Mar 21st 2011

Hostel and Activity functions added

Bookings can now be assigned per room or per person allowing hostel beds, trips, classes and other activities to be sold along with traditional lodging.

Feb 13th 2011 added to synchroniser

Beds24 and now synchronise with each other allowing you to automatically keep you inventory up-to-date automatically.

Jan 29th 2011

Email Notifications sent using your Email Address

Beds24 can now send booking notification emails to your guests using your email address as the sender and reply-to address. If the email fails to be delivered you receive the Delivery Status report informing you why it failed. Additionally all sent emails are filed in your sent email box for reference.

Jan 20th 2011

New secure online booking page

We have completed our new online booking page. The new modern design shows a daily price table dynamically calculated based on the number of guests and length of stay the guest has entered. The design is optimised to move the guest from looking to booking.

Jan 12th 2011

Set the default booking date on your booking widgets

Our booking widgets allow you to set the number of days in advance for the default booking date. When your guest first views the widget the date this many days ahead of today will be shown. It is possible to set the default date between 0 and 365 days in advance. The widget designer page has a selector for this value.

Jan 12th 2011

Adjustable the number of months to show on your availability calendar

It is now possible to show between 1 and 12 months worth of availability calendar on your booking page. Allow your guests to quickly see the dates they are interested in.

Dec 27th 2010

New booking channels: Jasons Holidayguide

We have now completed the integration with and Holiday Guide.

July 22nd 2010

New booking channels: Expedia,, Venere

Expedia, and Venere have been added to´s channel manager. The synchroniser function will keep inventory up-to-date in real time at our channel partners AAtravel, Bookit!,,, Expedia, Ezibed, Travelbug, Venere, Vianet and Wotif, allowing hosts to use and get the most out of multiple on-line booking channels without the hassle of constantly signing-in and updating them all.

March 16th 2010

Web Site Packages

Our complete web packages include everything you need to get your lodging on the internet: web site design, domain name of your choice and email address, web hosting and on-line bookings built in.

March 8th 2010

Demonstration Web Site

We have created a demonstration website highlighting some of the many ways can be used in your own web site. There are example pages with availability calendars, booking links and buttons and the secure booking page embedded directly into the web site. Have a look at it here

March 4th 2010

New Bookings Page

We have given the secure booking page a face lift. It now includes an elegant 3 month availability calendar that can be browsed up to 12 months in advance, a clearer layout and provision for both room and property pictures. We have also made it easier to embed the booking page into your website and modify it's look and style using your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) commands.

February 15th 2010

Redesign of website has completely redesigned their website to make it easier to use. New features and functions to help users manage their lodging have been added. The structure and look of the Control Center have been improved. Now every section and setting has its own help button explaining exactly what the setting does. The user guide has been completely revised. In addition to the online version you can print a pdf version.

January 15th 2010

New booking channel: Bookit!

Bookit! has been added to´s synchroniser. The synchroniser function will keep inventory up-to-date in real time at Bookit!, Ezibed, Vianet Travelbug, Wotif, AAtravel, allowing hosts to use and get the most out of multiple on-line booking channels without the hassle of constantly signing-in and updating them all.

August 1st 2009

New Feature: Deposit Collection now allows automatic deposit collection from guests at the time they make the booking. Hosts simply specify the percent deposit they require and the system will collect this on their behalf from guest's credit card or PayPal account. As an alternative to an immediate deposit payment hosts may specify that the guest must supply their credit card details.

July 15th 2009

New Feature: Promotion of alternative units

If a chosen accommodation is booked now lets hosts websites automatically promote other available options. This new function is designed to help hosts increase their online bookings.

July 8th 2009

New corporate design

After 4 years operation have relaunched their website presenting their new corporate design. The information and layout of the pages should make it easier and quicker to find the required information. The new logo will provide brand recognition, and manifest´s commitment to hosts.