Say good bye contracts. Scalable pricing from €15.90/month.

Pay as you go: no contract, no minimum term, no set-up fees.
Pay for the services you want, not for a "plan"

Why pay for properties or rooms you do not have and services you do not use? With Beds24 you only pay for what you use.

The fees for the Channel Manager, Property Management System and Online Booking Engine and are calculated based on your actual number of rentals, rooms, apartments, villas or other rented units.

Optional add-ons
  • Channel Manager from €1.00 /month
  • SMS booking notifications: €0.10 per SMS message
  • Additional user log-in: €2.00 per month
  • Private label - use your own subdomain for your booking page ( €19.00 per month
Only pay for the channel connections you use

The additional price for the channel manager is based on the actual number of connections you use. One link is a connection of one category or room type (can be multiple rooms of the same type) to one channel.

The first 10 links cost €1.00 each. The 11th to 30th links are 50c each, from the 31st link 20c each.

Calculate your monthly fee

Use the calculator to calculate your monthly fee. If you manage a portfolio with different property types please contact us for a quote.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are there any hidden fees or charges?
    No. You only pay for the services you opt-in for. Promise.

  • Do you charge commissions?
    No. Beds24 never charges commissions on bookings. If you want to connect to third party booking channels (OTAs) you will need accounts with them for which commissions or fees might apply.

  • Will I be on a contract?
    No. You pay as you go like for a prepaid phone. If you want to continue after the free trial period simply top up your account with the amount of your choice.

  • Is there a minimum payment?
    No. Only if you pay less than €50.00 we charge a small handling fee to cover our processing costs.

  • In which currency can I pay?
    Our prices are quoted in Euros. Payment can be made in any of USD AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP or NZD.

  • Do I have to pay VAT?
    Customers outside the EU are VAT free. Customers based within the EU who do not have a valid EU VAT registration and all customers based in Germany please allow VAT.

More questions and answers

...Beds24 offers possibilities that even far more expensive PMS systems can not offer. In any case, the price of Beds24 is unbeatable. We have not found another PMS that can compete in price and technology...

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...We had previously tested some other PMS, channel managers and booking systems, and none of them offered such possibilities and definitely not for such good price!...

Gordana apartments barcelona city

Included at no extra cost

Property Management System
Smart automation tools
Payment processing
Central inbox for Airbnb and
Automated messaging with guests and staff
Multiple property support and management
Flexible pricing and yield management
Commission free online bookings
Mobile friendly and fully customizable booking engine
Booking website
Mobile app
Highly customisable and feature packed system
Ticket support system and forum access
Access to self-onboarding tools
Regular webinars

Optional add-ons

Channel Manager from €1.00/month
SMS notifications €0.10 per SMS
Integrations from €1.00/month
Private label - use your own subdomain ( €19.00/month
Additional users with access control and owner management €2.00/month
Personal onboarding & online training sessions from €79.00

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