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Select the room type from below to see our special plans and package offers. Room names are listed within brackets and indicate the room theme and featured crafts.
Deluxe Suite (28.07 sqm)
Our four Deluxe Suites offers a generous space in which to relax and plan your adventures. Beautifully furnished with beds as well raised tatami platform, allowing you an authentic daytime gathering space while accommodating two additional futons at night. A display of Japanese crafts will inspire your exploration of the local area.
It will be best for 3 people if you want to keep enough space in the room or carry a lot of luggage.
  • Perfect for up to four guests.
  • Beds: two single beds or a king bed and two plush futon sets.
  • 28 square metres (302 square feet).
  • Premium amenities
  • The four suites are each uniquely decorated and feature one of the following crafts: ceramics, indigo dye, papercraft, or woodblock printing.

Four available suites: Mashiko, Aizome, Mino Washi, Hiroshige.
Limited edition plan
We have special offer for you! 
All guests also receive a Sento experience ticket redeemable at public bathhouses across the neighbourhood so please ask the ticket to the hotel staff.

Experience around Asakusa Kaede *need the reservation prior to your check-in date, please email us info-asakusa-kaede.com for further information.

Deluxe Suite Breakfast Plan
Stay in one of our Deluxe Suites and experience relaxing at a Sento (public bathhouse) with a complimentary entry ticket redeemable at locations around the neighbourhood.

Guests will also enjoy a refreshing welcome drink upon arrival at the Kaede Lounge.

ECO(No cleaning)

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