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Select the room type from below to see our special plans and package offers. Room names are listed within brackets and indicate the room theme and featured crafts.
Queen Suite (19.4 sqm)
The Queen Suite provides a very comfortable space for two or three guests. Relax in a large queen-size bed and enjoy planning your day seated on the tatami matting platform. A plush, comfortable futon set can be arranged on the tatami platform, providing a bed for a third guest. Examples of Kutani, elegant Japanese porcelain, are displayed within the room.
It will be best for 3 people if you want to keep enough space in the room or carry a lot of luggage.

A comfortable room for up to three guests.
  • One queen bed and one plush futon set.
  • 19 square metres (208 square feet).
  • Crafts featured: Kutani ware.
  • Premium bathroom with deep tub and sustainable amenities
One unique suite available: Kutani
Limited edition plan
We have special offer for you! 
All guests also receive a Sento experience ticket redeemable at public bathhouses across the neighbourhood so please ask the ticket to the hotel staff.

Experience around Asakusa Kaede *need the reservation prior to your check-in date, please email us info-asakusa-kaede.com for further information.

-Experience Aizome, Japan’s traditional indigo dye craft with an 800-year history, at a local atelier. Make your own handicrafts and learn about how its decorative patterns have been used in traditional and in modern designs.
Place;「Wanariya 」 15minutes walk from the hotel
Experience time 45minutes
Price/per person  from2,200yen

-Experience Ginki, Japanese silversmithing renowned for its high quality, beauty and durability. We have partnered with a local atelier, where you can learn traditional techniques from a master craftsman, and produce a one-of-a-kind object that will sure to be kept as a treasured item.
Place;「Sokichi」 8minutes walk from the hotel
Experience time 90minutes
Price/per person from6,074yen

-Experience Edo Kiriko, beautiful Japanese glasswork at a local workshop and create your own unique decorative glass whilst learning about the intricate techniques of glasswork masters.
Place;「Nisshinkikinzoku」 20minutes walk from the hotel
Experience time 90minutes
Price/per person from10,000yen

Queen Suite Brekfast Plan
Stay in the Queen Suite and experience relaxing at a Sento (public bathhouse) with a complimentary entry ticket redeemable at locations around the neighbourhood.

ECO(No cleaning)