Hyuga Surfcamp|105
VILLA STAY (whole house rental)

A stylish house where you can have fun with pets up to large dogs.

【OK for large dogs】
Hyuga Surf Camp is an independent hotel with 17 buildings where you can park your car.
It is conveniently located close to several surf points.
Building 105 has a low fence on the wooden deck, so pets and children can spend time safely.
From the wooden deck, you can see the green as seen from the picture frame, and it is an independent house, so I don't have a chance to meet other customers, but if you are interested, you will be worried.
We clean, disinfect and ventilate the room every time, so you can use it at ease.
There is a barbecue area next to the wood deck, and you can rent barbecue equipment. (Reservations, Paid)
It is a place rich in nature, so you can wake up with the chirping of birds and have a refreshing morning.

[For those who use the pet-friendly building]
★You must submit a vaccine certificate for your pet.
Please upload images such as JPG and PDF when you register online in advance after reservation.
*Pets without a vaccine certificate are not allowed to stay. If you come to the site on the day, we will refuse it.

Space and Rooms

Beds: 3
Whole house is exclusively for our guest

■Hyuga Surf Camp Pet Usage Confirmation■
1.Pet accommodation requirements
・Only dogs that have been vaccinated with vaccines or rabies can stay. For other pets, please consult in advance.
・When you make a reservation, please make sure to contact us because the specifications of the small dog, the super large dog and the room are different.
Please let us know the breed and number of pets when you make a reservation.
・The toilet is trained. Manner belts, etc.
Please respond with.
・Don't make me bark.
・Don't leave your pet alone in your room when you go out.
・Not available during estrus
・the condition of being kept indoors

2.Pet accommodation
・Dogs are basically free in the terrace of the building. (Please refrain from taking a bath on the bed. If you really want to raise it, please prepare a picnic sheet and be careful not to make the bed sheet dirty.)

3.pet accommodation fee
・ 3,000 yen uniformly
・You can stay up to 4 dogs.

4.facilities for pets
・Foot washing area available

5.something to bring
・Collar, reed, hood, toys, snacks, blankets, mats, sheets, toilet sheets, etc.
・Please prepare a bedtime gauge or a bedtime rug for large dogs.
・Rabies and vaccination certificates (within 1 year) and measures to exterminate harmful insects (Examples: fleas, ticks, etc.) have been completed.

6.From the accommodation facility, please.
・Please shampoo and take a bath before traveling.
・Please clean your feet with a towel before entering the room.
・Please prepare towels for your pet by yourself.
・You can only stay with your dog in the building where you can stay with your pet. You cannot stay in other buildings.
・Before leaving the room, please make sure to clean the excrement of your pet by yourself and throw it away in the designated place.
・If your pet gets the bed sheets dirty, we will charge you the cleaning fee.
・Please wear a diaper if the toilet is not properly trained.

・We may charge you for repairs, cleaning and cleaning in addition to the accommodation fee for your pet if we break or stain the equipment in the room.
・our Ryokan shall not be liable for any injury, escape, or death caused by force majeure.
Also, please note that we will not be responsible for any troubles between dogs at home.

Your cooperation is essential to make you live forever.
I am sorry to trouble you, but thank you in advance.


Hyugasurfcamp|community guesthouse
487 Oaza saiwaki Hyuga, Miyazaki, Japan 〒889-1112