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Picknick Basket
Picknick Basket - regular
Spread the picknick blanket on the field or the wooden quay and enjoy a picknick with a view! The basket contains our homemade bread with a good choice of harty and sweet spreads, ham and cheese, a yoghurt, an apple and a juice. Take-away coffee is also included. See content here. [MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE CORRECT NUMBER OF GUESTS]

Picknick Basket - romantic
Romantic picknick basket for dining wherever you find a cosy spot with a dream view! It contains homemade bread, some crackers, a choice of sweet spreads, sliced meats and cheeses, herbal butter and a piece of cake. You will love the bottle of non-alcoholic local apple-juice. A picknick blanket, dispensable plates, cutlery and cups - it's all in the basket. Enjoy your date!

Lunch-Pack Take-away
Collect your ready to go lunch pack from 10:30. Then hit the stairs well prepared! The package contains a large sandwich with spicy chicken, ham&cheese or vegetarian. Specify in the comment field of your booking which taste you want. The bag also contains a soda of your choice, a chocolate and an apple. Allergens: the bread contains gluten, milk, egg and mustard. Enjoy your hike!

Canoe 2-seats, rental 3 hours
Rent a two-person canoe - a great and stable way to discover the nearby Lysefjord! A canoe is wider than a kayak, therefore more stable. It is open and has two seats. The weather must be stable and for safety reasons you must stay within a couple of kilometres from Flørli. Read more about canoeing on our site: Note that we may cancel your booking even last minute if we think it's not safe to go out there, in which case you will be reimbursed. You yourself can cancel until two days before. Enjoy your paddling! (RENT TWO CANOES: choose "Book Multiple" on the top of this page)

Kayak Single, rental 3 hours
Rent a kayak and hit the fjord! For safety reason, you should stay within a few kilometres of Flørli and can rent up to three hours. There's a lot to discover close to Flørli. For a full description of this product, read: Note that we may cancel your booking even last minute if we think it's not safe to go out, in which case you'll be reimbursed of course. Cancellation: free cancellation until 2 days before.

Hottub 8-person, wood-fired
You can rent the wooden hottub on the ferry quay in Flørli for your party. It's a wood fired tub that we try to have hot by 7pm. The water then holds 37 degrees or more - delicious! Give yourself a treat after a hardy day and book this one! After every use, the tub is rinsed thoroughly and filled with clean sea water. Read more here: Cancellation policy: free cancellation until a week in advance, not later.